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Dear friends!

I would like to ask you to render me an assistance in finding of my aunt (her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc). Her Last name is Kronberg (born Bekman), First – Irma, was born in 1891. She was my father`s sister. Irma`s father – my grandfather – Andrey A.Bekman (1860-1902), her mother – my grandmother – Ida R. Shwede (1863? – 1916). Her hasband – Kronberg (First and Middle names unknown) was a senior lecturer in a Plantgrowing Institute in Pushkin-city near St.Peterburg. In 193? her famaly moved to Latvia, were they lived in Riga suburs until 1940, and after that they migrated somewhere into Sweden (or other European country) withs three kids (whose name I don`t know).

This is practically evrything I know. My Dad did`t know anything about Irma`s fate either, since he has been repressed in 1925, and has spent 8 yrs. in Solovki Camp, and the futher events in our country did not make it possible to find relation abroad.

My father – Alfred Bekman (1896 – 1991).

I`m probably, the only living in Russia descendant of my great-grandfather Andrey F. Bekman, who used to be the chief forestry officer of Wolmar districts in Lifland Province (Latvia).

Thank you
Andrey Bekman
Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia
August 8, 1997